W.I.S.H. Montclair Spanish Learning Center

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W.I.S.H. Montclair is a Spanish immersion learning center where Spanish lessons for kids are taught. Students are encouraged to communicate in Spanish from day one. Our students learn Spanish in a natural, personalized, entertaining and collaborative manner. Lessons incorporate students everyday experiences providing a relevant, relatable learning platform. Students are tasked to speak about their daily life experiences and to express their opinions on various current topics. W.I.S.H. teachers employ techniques such as Total Physical Responses (TPR) and Task Based Learning (TBL) to keep learning dynamic, engaging and interactive. Our Spanish classes for kids uses task-based lessons addressing practical situations which are designed to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish. Intertwined with all lessons is the goal to make learning Spanish fun! At W.I.S.H. students learn Spanish and enjoy the journey.