About Us

W.I.S.H. Montclair came about as bilingual parents sought to provide a means to assure their children received high quality bilingual English/Spanish instruction. Unfortunately, too often school curricula and budgetary constraints limit the depth of linguistics training available to students during standard school hours. W.I.S.H. Montclair augments school Spanish programs or provides in-depth Spanish training to students without access to Spanish instruction in their normal school curriculum.

As the number of Spanish speaking Americans grows in the United States, so too does the need for bilingual businessmen, physicians, judges and numerous other professionals. W.I.S.H. Montclair helps students master Spanish and gain a competitive advantage as they find their way into desired careers.

WISH Spanish teachers:
WISH utilizes the latest technology and learning materials available today for teaching Spanish. Resources employed include current teacher guides and textbooks, video and audio materials, the internet and state-of-the-art teaching methodologies. We employ native Spanish speaking teachers with high language proficiency and significant teaching experience. Our teachers are university educated with degrees in teaching Spanish. Our teachers are required to stay current on advances in linguistic instruction. Their classes are observed frequently and constructive feedback is provided consistently. Our teachers observe other teachers’ classes in order to cross pollenate best teaching practices. We also ask our students and parents to evaluate our teachers and our overall program so we can continually improve our WISH course content. The San Francisco/East Bay area has a significant reservoir of Spanish speaking educators. WISH seeks to attract and retain the best of this talented pool.

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