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WISH teaches Spanish — with a twist
Sylvia Brooks poses with her husband and WISH co-founder Mason Brooks. The Montclair residents founded WISH, which stands for We Instruct Spanish Heritage. WISH offers after-school language classes.

Sylvia Brooks poses with her husband and WISH co-founder Mason Brooks. The Montclair residents founded WISH, which stands for We Instruct Spanish Heritage. WISH offers after-school language classes.

OAKLAND — Sylvia Brooks dreamed of having seamlessly bilingual children.

So the Honduran-born entrepreneur took matters into her own hands and found W.I.S.H. Montclair, a Spanish language immersion program for children. W.I.S.H. Montclair is at 2065 Mountain Blvd.

Montclair residents Brooks and her husband, Mason Brooks, founded the business in September 2013. W.I.S.H. Montclair, which stands for We Instruct Spanish Heritage, offers after-school language classes.

Classes are taught in colorful classrooms, with plenty of natural light, and are limited to 12 students. The cost is $160 a month for two 50-minute classes a week.

Brooks said that Spanish language instructions at the primary school level often consists of learning the days of the week, the numbers and colors — and, she said, the pattern is repeated in the following year.

Brooks said her own son quickly lost interest under this method. But, she said, when she began reading to him — using her own approach — he regained interest in learning Spanish. After that, Brooks said she decided to develop her own curriculum and offer it to other families.

Brooks’ lessons are rich with activities to augment the educational concepts.

“It’s more like fun, but at the same time, they are learning,” Brooks said.


After reviewing numerous books on middle and high school Spanish language instruction, Brooks tailored concepts for a younger audience and added Spanish language children’s storybooks, which has the benefit of infusing Latin culture.

“It’s a robust program. Our son used to be resistant to learning Spanish, but now he is more receptive,” Mason Brooks said.

“We are becoming a bilingual country. It is important to plant the seeds,” Mason Brooks said.

“I consider myself lucky to have found W.I.S.H. early,” said Jennifer Keith, a Montclair resident, whose 6-year-old daughter Cora has been attending classes at W.I.S.H. Montclair for the past year. After a year, Cora has now advanced to the intermediate class.

On a recent night, Cora pulled out a book in Spanish and told her mother about a game they played with the story in class.

“It’s wonderful to see her doing these kinds of things and wanting to go to class. The teacher is very engaging. The curriculum development and teaching makes it fun,” Jennifer Keith said.

“Spanish is supposed to be fun,” said teacher Nuria Sheafe, a native of Costa Rica, who has been teaching the language for 25 years. “I teach like I am in Hollywood. We must be good entertainers and capture the audience.”

“They make it fun,” said Kelly Westling, whose 6 year-old son has been attending W.I.S.H. Montclair since this past February. “It’s a fun program. They play a lot of games. It’s a warm environment, and he loves his teacher.”

Westling has promised her son a trip to Mexico to meet his godfather after completing one year of Spanish language instruction.

Meanwhile, Cora Keith went to Mexico on a recent family vacation, and broke her arm on the trip.

But Jennifer Keith was pleased that her young daughter was able to answer the doctor’s questions in Spanish.

“She is mastering skills in Spanish and English at the same time,” Jennifer Keith said


Spanish Lessons for Kids – Classes or Tutor

When you’re investigating how to learn Spanish for your children, it’s significant to consider the various options, including classes and personal tutoring. Consider goals, your learning style, needs, and skills when making a choice as to whether Spanish courses or private tutoring works best for you.

First, reflect on the preferred learning style. Will they learn best with lots of personalized teaching and personal attention, or do they gain from finding their mistakes, understanding with the others and understanding hearing and progress notions repeated many times as exercises are reviewed in big or small groups? Some pupils really enjoy hearing others reacting to exactly the same exercise, and employed in small teams together, while others gain more from concentrated attention in an one on one setting. You may also consider that group courses typically match more frequently than personal tutoring.

Next, you can think about needs and your goals. What’s the primary goal(s) in teaching your kids Spanish? Spanish courses are generally perfect for those who desire to become normally proficient in talking and don’t have an urgent time-line while some Spanish team courses are specific. Tutoring enables them to progress fast toward particular goals since your tutor can assist one to acquire the skills you are seeking.

With regard to choosing the appropriate teaching sort your needs and capacities additionally matter. If you’re kids are motivated self-learners, going to some group course that is Spanish to put in practice the theories you mastered through self and assignments -practice makes it possible for for quick progress. If you like more hands on education to master concepts, tutoring may be a fantastic means to get the feedback you’ll need, while also allowing you to put the theories into practice through conversation with your tutor in Spanish. If you’ve limited time to dedicate to learning that is Spanish, tutoring can be a perfect way to optimize the time you’ve got available. Courses can be more time consuming between attending the courses and doing the assignments, but they offer a general and mo Re wide-ranging curriculum that can fortify your comprehension of concepts that are basic.

The most important thing to consider when selecting between Spanish classes and tutoring is what feels appropriate, based on the above components. You may want to consider putting them in a class but supplementing it with occasional tutoring sessions to tackle your unique challenges and goals if you find it challenging to make a selection.


W.I.S.H. Montclair Spanish Learning Center

W.I.S.H. Montclair is a Spanish immersion learning center where students are encouraged to communicate in Spanish from day one. Our students learn Spanish in a natural, personalized, entertaining and collaborative manner. Lessons incorporate students? everyday experiences providing a relevant, relatable learning platform. Students are tasked to speak about their daily life experiences and to express their opinions on various current topics. W.I.S.H. teachers employ techniques such as Total Physical Responses (TPR) and Task Based Learning (TBL) to keep learning dynamic, engaging and interactive. Task-based lessons addressing practical situations are designed to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish. Intertwined with all lessons is the goal to make learning Spanish fun! At W.I.S.H. students learn Spanish and enjoy the journey.