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Currently W.I.S.H. Montclair offers sessions (12 students per class) for children K-5 on
the following schedule.

Classes for Fall 2016
Age 5 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Beginner Level 1     2:30-3:00pm   3:00-3:30pm
Ages 6-8 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Beginner Level 1   3:30-4:20pm   3:30-4:20pm  
Intermediate Level 2   4:30pm-5:20pm   4:30pm-5:20pm  
Ages 9-13 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Beginner Level 1 Plus 3:30pm-4:20pm   3:30pm-4:20pm    
Beginner Level 1 5:30pm-6:20pm   5:30pm-6:20pm    
Beginner Level 1 Plus   5:30pm-6:20pm   5:30pm-6:20pm  
Intermediate Level 2 4:30pm-5:20pm   4:30pm-5:20pm    
Current Schedule
Ages 5-7 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Beginner 3:20pm-4: 10pm   2:20pm-3: 10pm    
Beginner Once a Week       4:20pm-5:10pm  
Intermediate   4:20pm-5: 10pm     4:20pm-5: 10pm
Ages 8-11 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Beginner 4:20pm-5:10pm   3:20pm-4:10pm    
Beginner Once a Week       3:20pm-4:10pm  
Beginner 5:20pm-6: 10pm   5:20pm-6: 10pm    
Beginner   5:20pm-6: 10pm   5:20pm-6: 10pm  
Intermediate   3:20pm-4: 10pm     3:20pm-4: 10pm

W.I.S.H. Montclair Spanish Learning Center
At W.I.S.H. Montclair we use modern proven language teaching techniques such as Total Physical Responses (TPR) and Task Based Learning (TBL) to immerse students in Spanish learning in a comfortable setting using practical, everyday situational experiences. At W.I.S.H. formal language instruction is couched in simple, engaging lessons designed to mitigate the intimidation that often accompanies learning a second language.

Upon enrollment students are given an oral and written Spanish assessment test to determine their appropriate skill level. Based on the results students are placed in beginner, intermediate or advanced level classes. In addition some consideration is given to segmenting classes by age (e.g., based on demand classes may be age separated; 5 to7 year old students; 8 to 10 year old students; students 11 and older). At W.I.S.H. students are assigned one of three levels of ability.

W.I.S.H. Montclair Level 1: Beginners
W.I.S.H. Level 1 Learning Objectives:

  • Learn basic Spanish vocabulary and common phrases
  • Acquire basic Spanish conversation skills; comprehension and response
  • Learn basic Spanish sentence construction, grammar and punctuation
  • Exposure to various Spanish cultures and customs

W.I.S.H. Montclair Level 1 Spanish curriculum is designed to introduce students with minimal to no previous language training to Spanish in a dynamic, entertaining and substantive manner. Using methods like Total Physical Responses (TPR) in exercises incorporating games, videos, art and role-play students learn basic vocabulary and common phrases as well as develop and hone basic conversation skills. Students learn a variety of questions and phrases ranging from asking and telling time to describing food likes and dislikes. Additionally, students have the opportunity to develop speaking skills further as they participate in small group conversations on common daily topics such as: school, weather, numbers 1-100, colors, days of the week, months, directions, animals, body parts, clothing, family terms, emotions, food and sports. These common terms and topics are language building blocks used to help develop more complex communication in future W.I.S.H. levels. Communication is emphasized as students learn to both ask and answer basic questions and progress to develop short dialogues. In W.I.S.H. Level 1 students are introduced to Task Based Learning (TBL) in group discussions covering simple tasks and topics.

W.I.S.H. Montclair Level 2: Intermediate
W.I.S.H. Level 2 Learning Objectives:

  • Learn grammatical terms, spelling rules and syntactic conventions
  • Learn basic verb conjugation
  • Develop reading skills
  • Develop writing skills, vocabulary, and formal sentence structure
  • Develop listening/speaking skills using group and individual projects
  • Deepen understanding of diverse Spanish cultural traditions, customs and celebrations

In W.I.S.H. Montclair Level 2 Spanish students cultivate strong speaking skills while learning to read and write Spanish. W.I.S.H. Level 2 uses Task Based Learning (TBL) more broadly as students work collectively to discuss topics of interest, current affairs, common life situations and problem solve. In the process students learn to articulate complex sentences, enhance reading, writing and basic grammar skills such as masculine and feminine words, articles and punctuation. In W.I.S.H. Level 2 students build knowledge of formal writing skills (style/voice, conventions, organization). While W.I.S.H. Level 2 students work on the same material, the scope and depth of the work varies depending both on age and skill level.

W.I.S.H. Level 2 incorporates various cultural and historical stories in lessons to help students utilize their new language skills while gaining a greater appreciation for various Spanish cultures. Occasionally Spanish speaking guest speakers attend class to dialogue with students in Spanish about various professions and areas of interest. Parents also are encouraged to explore Spanish language and cultures outside of W.I.S.H. Learning Center with students.

W.I.S.H. Montclair Level 3: Advanced
W.I.S.H. Level 3 Learning Objectives:

  • Exceptional ability to comprehend, speak, read and write Spanish
  • Confident and comfortable expressing oneself and understanding others in Spanish
  • Ability to conduct both formal and informal conversations in Spanish
  • Competent composing and translating formal and informal written communication
  • Extended study of select Spanish cultures and countries
  • Complete fluency and near mastery of Spanish

W.I.S.H. Montclair Level 3 Spanish continues the skill building process leading to proficiency and fluency. The overarching learning objectives from the previous elementary levels culminate at W.I.S.H. level 3. Increasing emphasis is given to advanced conversation and formal writing. Instruction focuses on enhancing comprehension and mastery of advanced vocabulary and language skills. Students produce and use language taught formerly for recognition, while incorporating learned expressions in new, more complex contexts. Students learn more advanced reading and writing skills through use of educational games, reading and reciting Spanish poetry and prose, and creative writing. Learning materials incorporate various Spanish cultural elements to deepen W.I.S.H. students’ understanding of numerous Spanish traditions, celebrations and mores.

Students are taught techniques to foster independent learning and continued improvement of Spanish fluency on their own and with others informally. Greater emphasis is placed on reading and writing to encourage mastery of sentence structure, grammar and spelling. Students are taught to develop language content in a variety of contexts. Example W.I.S.H. Level 3 exercises include:

  • Writing a short story to be read and discussed in class
  • Reading Spanish short stories and giving an oral presentation to the class
  • Conducting interviews with guest speakers in front of class
  • Translating technical or business communications

Through W.I.S.H. Level 3 students are empowered to continue on a lifelong journey of mastery of the Spanish language. They should have Spanish linguistic abilities enabling them to place out of most language proficiency requirements or to qualify for advanced level Spanish studies. Additionally, they develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Spanish customs, cultures and traditions.

Additionally W.I.S.H. Montclair is currently offering the following:

  • Tutoring for older students and adults
  • Private and Semi-Private Tutoring

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